Zere is a member of the Anrufe. He was one of the four original guardians of "Him" and first introduced by K2 during the Excel Tournament story arc. His name also is sometimes Zerdian. He was a member of District 23 as a youth and also is the husband of Midnight Mistress.

District 23 Edit

Sometime after his days as a guardian of Erebus, Zere moved to the Genesis Kingdom. He was a minority there. He had no Genesis magic, he was not a dragon, and as such he was looked down upon. Frowned upon due to his race. Zere decided to join the group District 23, full of minorities who did not like the Genesis Dragons and wanted to take the Kingdom over.

Eventually, District 23 put a plan into action. Zere, who quickly rose to power within the group, was a ringleader in this operation. They framed an attack by the Genesis Kingdom on the Phoenix Village, prompting the Phoenix to attack back at the Genesis Kingdom. The two groups, who had frequently been in war throughout history, entered another war -- the Second Genesis Phoenix War.

Following the end of the war, it was discovered that District 23 was behind the attack. Mokai and Ararus were sent to investigate the attack where they were captured by District 23. By the time they got free, it was too late. Zere led an attack on the Genesis King at the ceremony of peace following the war. The result was the death of the Genesis King. But in his final moments, he sealed Zere and all of District 23 in a round orb, meant to hold them for all of eternity.

Initial Release From The Prison Orb Edit

Zere was released for some time from the orb. About a hundred years following his sealing, the orb -- somewhere in the Era Valley -- was abandoned. The orb somehow cracked, probably due to weather, slightly releasing a black smoke of sorts just long enough for it to materialize into the form of Zere. He was free, for a short amount of time. He found after a hundred years, his skin was a deceased kind, and he was very old, but he casted spells on himself to improve his physical abilities.

He eventually wondered upon the Era Valley and learned of the birth of Kai and K2323. He took advantage of Hikaru's feeling neglected due to the birth and attention being given to her brothers. Zere put spells in her mind that led to the destruction of the Era Village and all those in it except for Chaos and Kai and K2323.

However; Eventually, Zere would be sealed back in the orb..