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Vital statistics
Title Third Born
Gender Male
Race N/A - Divine
Faction The Family Of "Him"
Health {{{health}}}
Level Magic Level 5
Status Unknown
Location Unknown / Nox

Vincent was the founder of the Forgotten Empire, which was created by a large number of soldiers being resurrected. Which was the basis of the Remnant Empire, which were the forgers of the Dusk Energy. This led the universe on the path towards the Nyx Federation.. So, he is responsible for the creation of the Nyx Federation and Nyx energy. Indirectly anyway.
Vincent is the third-born son of "Him". He has the aspect of corruption from his father. As such, Vincent is a master at the rare Corrupted Magic. Despite his desire to corrupt all around him, he does show the particular desire to reverse the natural aging process and to help others. He is also known to have some kind of Anti-Corrupted Magic, allowing him to remove Corruption from another soul (as demonstrated on Faith.) when he so desires. - Copied from the Wiki.

Weapons: A katana that always seems to be bloody.