Few know this in the Alliance or anywhere besides the Royal Family of the StarClan but 1 of the Royal Family survived. He was a lad named Veritas. He watched the alliance kill his mother and father and turn Kenny into one of their soldiers along with wiping out James and Jason Star.  Once he learned he was the only star left in the universe with access to magic, force or life he decided to take revenge upon the beaucrats of the alliance. He would do so subtly.  First he began training in the force for 500 years and thanks to his magic stayed alive longer than a normal person would. After he completed his training with both force and lightsaber Veritas decided it was time for him to train in magic and so for another 500 years, he studied magic, and all practical applications of said Technique.   Later he learned how to combine his magic and his force abilities into a new form of power which he dubbed "Comet Magic."

By utilizing Comet Magic Veritas was able to take control of an Alliance Ship Yard which he renamed  The Beginning of the Revolt.   After successfully conquering the Alliance Ship Yard Veritas decided he would need to do more to get revenge on the traitorous alliance that had done this to him. Veritas after successfully defeating the alliance soldiers that had been sent to capture him decided it was time for him to take an apprentice and raise that apprentice to be the scourge of the galaxy like he was.  Veritas stumbled upon an ancient secret called a Death Spell and using his magic he cast it causing the Alliance to forget he was alive except for the magical ones in their service as he had no desire to brainwash fellow sages into thinking he was a dead man.  

He learned of the gems that contained Jeffrey and he wasn't too happy about that. So he begin a 20 year quest on  that day to destroy all those gems and to release Jeffrey to do as he pleased from the captivity forced upon him by Sakael and the Alliance. Once he finished liberating his father he decided now was truly the time to take his apprentice and use him to rule the entire galaxy.  His apprentice's first name was Duro and once he took Duro as an apprentice, he ended the Death spell that kept him a secret from the universe as it was time for him to begin his strategy.   First he would conquer the Tollans (For their technology)  and then he would move against the abandoned Relorian Worlds and use his magic to summon the StarClanners who had hidden themselves there and on other planets so that the StarClan could once again be formed, though this time under the rule of Veritas Star.