The Three is a term in reference to the collective of the only three sons of "Him". Only one of these three is known to have ever settled, at least within the century, in the Galactic Empires dimension, that one being the third-born sonwho created the Remnants Empire. The other two have yet to make a noticeable appearance in the game. In Cosmic Empires, which shares a similar plot, the second-born son is revealed to be named The first-born remains somewhat of a mystery even OOC.

Birth Edit

The birth of these three comes from "Him". The process is biological, but not sexual. It is an asexual birth. The physical features of each son is altered by use of magic after creation. The most notable factor, however, of the process of birth, is the powers each son receives, as well as the personalities of the son. Biologically, the entire birth process is unlike normal asexual reproduction.

Due to the nature of "Him", there is no way that all of his features can be reproduced into one body without "Him" perishing. To prevent from death himself, "Him" picks the information from within his cells to transfer. The data is then, usually, lost forever from "Him". This is especially so when it comes to personality traits. Literally, "Him" looses a part of himself during this reproduction.

The First Son has Koty's aspect of knowledge/curiosity and therefore is omni-present, to increase his ability to gain knowledge. The second son is the aspect of destruction/rage and therefore craves power and war and has the power to control the element of destruction in its purest form, God Fire. The third son is the aspect of corruption/decay/renewal therefore craving to bring decay and age to all around him, but he also craves to reverse natural death around him.

First Son Edit

The First-Born Son is currently a bit of a mystery, and is unknown to most IC. He gains from Koty the desire to gain information and knowledge. Due to this, it can be speculated that while he likely knows much, he would lack the ability to distinguish between this and wisdom, and is probably not the wisest man because of such. This son has found the ability somehow to be omni-present, or everywhere at once. This ability is also intended to be a Plot Device.

Second Son Edit

The Second Son has never made a noticeable appearence in the GE dimension, but has in the RP Cosmic Empires. His name is known to be Rogue. He carries the aspect of Destruction and Rage. He craves war. He has the ability to manifest God Fire, a fire named in reference to God and his ability to create and destroy. Rogue's aspect makes him a great military leader.

Third Son Edit

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Vincent is the third-born son of "Him". He has the aspect of corruption from his father. As such, Vincent is a master at the rare Corrupted Magic. Despite his desire to corrupt all around him, he does show the particular desire to reverse the natural aging process and to help others. He is also known to have some kind of Anti-Corrupted Magic, allowing him to remove Corruption from another soul (as demonstrated on Faith.) when he so desires.