Birth and Life As An Angel Edit

There have been many speculations on how "Him" was 'born'. Some believe he is the darkness of God. Others believe that he is the true definition of the devil. However; it is almost certain that "Him" was a fallen angel. His birth was one of pure evil, and he was not deserving of God's presence.. This angered "Him".

It is common speculation in many religions that a rebellion took place against God, led by Lucifer, in which many angels fell. "Him" was one of these angels, at Lucifer's side, perhaps above Lucifer.. The two rebelled, along with many other angels, and they fell. They were exiled from Heaven and banished to the original hell, known as Erebus..

Further Exiled Edit

Sometime after being banished to Erebus, "Him" sent Lucifer to introduce sin to the dimensions. Upon doing so, he began to believe he had been betrayed, as Lucifer never returned to Erebus after leaving to the dimensional plane. It was upon leaving himself to the sage dimension to find Lucifer that he was sealed by four great warriors into an eternal slumber in Erebus.

These four great warriors, one of which being Lucifer, were known as the Four Original Guardians of Erebus. These guardians placed spells in Erebus to alert them if "Him" ever reawakened, and then they took off in their own directions, Lucifer taking the other fallen angels to hell.

Four Original Guardians Of Erebus Edit

Lucifer the fallen angel who led the fallen angels in Erebus to hell.

Chaos the nomad who would go to live in the Dark Forest.

Assasin who would involve himself in the Assasain Council.

The Genesis King, or at the time one of the Genesis Generals, would lead an empire of dragons.

Reawakening In The Genesis Kingdom Edit

"Him" reawakened sometime in the year before the Second Genesis Phoenix War. However; he had no memory of his former life. Upon awakening, he was not in Erebus, but in the Genesis Kingdom. He made his life there as an alchemist, starting his own potion shop. Not worrying about his past, he grew acustom to his life there.

He was friendly with the locals, and they befriended him. He took on the name of Ararus. He began receiving regular customers. He was almost a doctor of sorts, fixing medical potions. He had a real unique ability for mixing potions not seen by other alchemists in the Kingdom.

He was also a great sage. His powers were amazing, and he practiced every day. Life was great, and he lived to help others; Such a different life than his former one. All, perhaps, because his memory was gone.. But things would soon change. . He would receive a visit from a cute, young girl.. One who would change his life..

The young girl was out of breath when she arrived at Ararus's shop. She was tired, but she managed the words she needed to pronounce.. Her fiance had been kidnapped by rebels who had taken him into the Genesis Forest surrounding the Genesis Kingdom. With his destination known, Ararus grabbed his coat and set off on a saga to find this young girl's fiance..

Actually, it wasn't much of a saga at all. In the Genesis Forest, Ararus found the man who had been kidnapped tied to a tree. Near the tree sat masked 'rebels' around a camp fire. With all probability, these rebels were planning to extract the man's Genesis Magic to sell. Genesis Magic was very powerful, and many people probably wanted it.

It was no problem for Ararus to defeat these rebels. A very short battle later, Ararus and the man who had been kidnapped were on the way back to the Genesis Kingdom. However; before they even left the forest, they were stopped by a man sitting in a tree. The man seemed to have an interesting power known as Flash Magic which Ararus knew to be common to District 23.

This man, Zerdian, introduced himself.. He commented that Ararus's magic was not ordinary. Finally, he invited Ararus to join District 23.. And off he went. And so did Ararus, back to the Genesis Kingdom, almost forgetting the encounted with Zerdian.. Almost, that is, until he received another visit. An even greater one.

He was back at his potion shop, mixing a potion, only minutes after returning from his adventure in the Genesis Forest. He heard the door to his shop open. He turned to learn the identity of his new visitor.. The Genesis King.. How remarkable. What a visitor this was! What did the King want with Ararus?

The King merely commented that he had gained intel that Ararus had met the one called Zerdian. The King informed Ararus that Zerdian was, indeed, a member of District 23. He also warned Ararus. Warned him how dangerous District 23 was. Ararus took this to heart, but when asked if Zerdian had mentioned anything regarding it, Ararus denied everything.. The King left, with nothing more to say..

The Genesis Royal Guard Edit

A peaceful, sunny day. A guest arrived, the first of the day. He had traveled a great distance to get to the Genesis Kingdom and demanded the Kingdom Guard to allow him to give the King an invitation.. He was granted permission and taken to the Genesis Palace. Once there, he gave the Genesis King an invitation of sorts.

The invitation was from the Eter Nation regarding a conference of peace. Upon receiving the invitation, the Genesis King ordered a drafting of the Genesis Royal Guard. Men began to be selected by the Genesis Military Drafting Command.. And one of the men selected was Ararus.
Ararus was commanded to come to the Palace, along with the others drafted, and stay in the Royal Guard Wing of the Palace for a week before the Guards departed. They would undergo training every day to prepare for the mission of escorting the King to the Eter Nation capital.

However; during the week before the departure, men who had been drafted began to die in their sleep. After a series of odd dreams, it began to dawn on Ararus that he may be the cause of these deaths. After a long week of conflict, the Genesis King confronted Ararus, revealing indeed that Ararus had caused the deaths.. And the Genesis King helped Ararus control what he called his "Demon Spirit" which caused the deaths.

Finally, as the week ended, it was time. The group would soon depart to the forest and begin teleportating great distances.. However; as they reached the treeline of the Genesis Forest, they heard a great explosion from behind them. They turned to see smoke coming.. From the Genesis Kingdom. So marked the start of the first battle in the Second Genesis Phoenix War.

Mokai Edit

After the first battle in the Second Genesis Phoenix War, Ararus was selected as a soldier to fight in the Phoenix Kingdom. He was put in a battalion instructed not to teleport to the Phoenix Kingdom, but instead to cross the Genesis Forest to reach the Phoenix Kingdom. The soldiers depart.

As they travel, Ararus learns the story of the Dark Forest, a part of the Genesis Forest.. He dismisses the myth of the one-way forest, but when he hears screams coming from the Dark Forest, he runs off to find out the cause of the screams.. Runs off, into the Dark Forest..

Upon entering the Dark Forest, Ararus met a man named Mokai. Mokai expressed mass-confusion about his location. In fact, Mokai was in a great panic.. But as Ararus tried to calm him, they ran into further problems.. Problems regarding leaving the Dark Forest. Were the legends true?
As the two tried to return to the normal section of the forest, they were stopped by a great force.. And then, a man, claiming to be from District 23, showed himself to the two. He informed Mokai and Ararus that they were prisoners in the Dark Forest now. Prisoners of District 23.. Mokai, who turned out to be a non-Genesis sage, and Ararus would have to battle the District 23 man..

Upon eventually defeating the man and escaping the Dark Forest, the two returned to the Genesis Kingdom. Ararus reported to the Genesis Palace, where Mokai was questioned. The Genesis King was summoned and Mokai told that he had come on a great journey from a world called Xanacoria.. Meanwhile, the question of getting Ararus to the Phoenix Kingdom to join the battle is examined.

The Second Phoenix War and The District 23 Invasion Edit

For more info, please see the Second Genesis Phoenix War.

Following a short rest in the Genesis Kingdom after discovering Mokai, Ararus and Mokai travel to the Phoenix Kingdom to assist the Genesis Kingdom. Ararus is assigned to a squad in a mission to stop the Phoenix King from escaping the Phoenix Kingdom. The team locates the Phoenix King and his guard trying to escape the Kingdom and Ararus battles guards of the King in an attempt to get to the King himself..

Following the defeat of the guards, the Phoenix Kingdom continues to flee from the squad of Genesis soldiers, and Ararus leads the squad after the King.. The squad begins to travel, tracking him in the Genesis Forest. The chase ends in the conclusion of the war and the Phoenix King revealing that the Second Genesis Phoenix War was a result of actions taken by District 23.

Upon the resolution of the war, Mokai and Ararus both go to investigate the District 23 HQ after the guards sent to arrest the members are not heard from. Upon arriving at the District 23 base, the two are immediately captured and locked in an Antimagic prison.. They are set free by Empathy, who has come looking for them. However; Empathy has set them free to battle them - or at least to battle Mokai. The two are forced to dodge his attacks as they investigate the now abandoned District 23 base.

As they read documents in the base, they discover District 23's plans to kill the Genesis King.. And they realize they only minutes to stop District 23. They must warn the King.. But they must avoid Empathy in doing so.. Alas, they finally escape Empathy.. But it's too late. They arrive to save the King too late.

Conclusion In The Genesis Kingdom Edit

One month after the death of the Genesis King, Ararus is having dark visions. Visions of a dark, evil figure. Meanwhile, what the King told him weighs heavily on his mind. The King revealed to him that Ararus had an inner-demon of great power.. Finally, Ararus decides there's one thing he must do. Make a memory potion to restore his memory beyond the time of his arrival in the Genesis Kingdom.

However; Ararus soon discovers that he needs a bit of magic from a man named Chaos in order to complete his potion. He begins to track down Chaos. Luckily, he discovers, Chaos lives nearby. The Dark Forest.. Ararus goes out to the Dark Forest to find Chaos, supposedly a hermit of sorts.

Ararus finds Chaos, who lives in a hut in the Dark Forest. Chaos reveals that Ararus needs no potion. Chaos knows of his past. Ararus demands how Chaos knows of his past. Chaos tells Ararus that he will reveal everything if Ararus can reveal that he is ready to gain the information - by defeating Chaos in battle.

Ararus battles Chaos and after a long battle, wins. Chaos begins a process of restoring Ararus's memories.. But when the event is done, Ararus starts to regret having his memories restored.. As he learns who, or rather what, he really is, his mind enters an unstable psyche. He returns to the Genesis Kingdom, feeling his powers are slipping.

As Ararus's psyche slips, he begins to contemplate suicide. Finally, in search of a resolution, Ararus goes back to Chaos, who reveals to Ararus what he must do. Let his identity engulf him. Ararus must accept who he is, and become one with it. He must not fight it, or he will fail.

Chaos traps Ararus in Erebus, where he begins to transform into a beast. The beast that he really is. It is here that he will again be placed in a prison. However; things have changed. One of the original four guardians has died.. A new guardian will be chosen and a saga will now begin. One that will take us from the Genesis Kingdom to a place years later.

The Chains That Binded "Him" Edit

In the death of Kai, a rift opened in Erebus, serving as a gateway to the Dragon Twin Vortex in the Opposing Kingdoms. Somehow, the opening of this rift sparked a semi-awakening in "Him" which would continue to progress for about a decade. During this decade, shadows, images of the power of "Him", escaped into the dimensional plane and made trouble, these shadows basically arriving in a dimension and causing great unfortunate events to occur there.

Sakael, a guardian of "Him", set off to find the original guardians, knowing he would need their help to seal "Him" again.. He arrived in the Opposing Kingdoms, where he met Hikaru, who he befriended.. He did not reveal his actual identity. It was not until the pair ended up in Hell after Lucifer stole Hikaru's soul that Hikaru learned Sakael's true identity and of the story of "Him".

Sakael came to hell for more than helping Hikaru get her soul back. He came to convince Lucifer to come and help reseal "Him", along with two of Hell's occupants - Chaos and Assasin. As for the Genesis King; K2323 could be used as a replacement. Only he was long gone. In Heaven. Hikaru, K2323's sister and Chaos's daughter, would have to act as a substitute for the Genesis King, even though she didn't have any Genesis Magic. In fact, she was a Phoenix. But she would have to do.

Hikaru knew Revelation Magic.. She would be a great assistance in resealing "Him" into a permanent sleep. Sakael opened a door to Erebus and the five set off. They arrived on the sands of the beach in Erebus, glaring out onto the plasma ocean. A large hump in the plasma began to rise, as a roar was given.

As plasma shot from the ocean, it was shot away by a counter from Lucifer. Right in that moment, K2323 arrived, having come to help in the resealing of "Him". As "Him" truly did now reawaken, it took everyone's power to hold him off as Hikaru prepared a spell of Revelation Magic. Finally, she cast it. The Chains Of Revelation.

A great explosion of Plasma. As it cleared, there was a crater on the beach's sand. Deep inside it now was.. A crying baby boy. "Him" had survived the Revelation spell. But now, he was this. A baby.

It was decided that Hikaru would raise the baby (the conversation of such mimicking a time years before in Hikaru's life when she was a young child after having been brought back to life by her Phoenix powers.) as her own. However; Hikaru, after taking it with her back to her palace in the Outerverse, merely used an aging spell to speed up the aging process.

Zharael Edit

Koty. That was the name that "Him" gave himself. He had no memories of his past. He was a sixteen year old boy. And he was named Koty. He was forever, in his mind, in the debt of Hikaru, who he now decided to serve in whatever she did.. Which meant that he would fight by her side as she began the Zharael empire.

Koty and Hikaru, side-by-side, would fight the Anrufe. They would find the location of an Anrufe invasion and stop it. It wasn't until the Anrufe began to invade Disney World that a great event took place. An event that would alter Koty's way of thinking. In the battle between Koty and Green Zero, Koty battled in a pocket dimension in which Green Zero illustrated Koty's past.. Koty would end up killing Green Zero.

The visions of his past triggered more and more memories of what he once was. However; unlike he did in the Genesis Kingdom, Koty grasped his identity and accepted it without transforming into a beast. He fought it. And it seemed that he won.. That is - until he disappeared.

Return And Activism In The Empires Edit

Sometime in Season 2, Koty returned to the empires. Upon his return, he was known to have been very politically involved in the empires. He no longer was associated with Hikaru. The Anrufe had disbanded, thus ending the mission of Zharael. Officially, Koty had no ties upon his return to the Empires.

Not much is known about what happened to Koty before his return. It is possible that it was then that he embraced Nox. However; Upon his return to the empires, Koty had aged a great bit. Still, he was young and fit. His magic, seemingly, was on an elite level now, suggesting that he had undergone extreme training.

Koty supported the K Empire when it decided to withdraw from the Alliance after K2323 returned to the living. He made a very strong case for the right of the empire to remain withdrawn from the party, which Koty voiced particular distaste for. Eventually, Koty and K2323 went into the Japanese Alliance Outpost, vandalized the facilities, and blew it up, setting off a conflict between the K Empire and Koty against the Alliance.

Upon the discovery of two distant galaxies which the K Empire had secretly controlled for some time now, Koty claimed a post on a planet. Following Koty's arrival, the Starclan found the galaxies and also claimed their own land. In interest between the now neighboring parties in the galaxy, the K Empire made an alliance with the other two empires.. It was Koty who then proposed the governments unite into a tri-party government which came to be known as the Triad.

It was after the Triad's disbanding at the end of Season Two that Koty, once again, disappeared..

Genesis Koty Edit

Koty returned at the end of Season 3 to the empires. His return came about as something that apparently had been taking place for many years, even though it had only been about one since his departure of the empires, as his form was a rock one which had seemingly been phasing into the dimension for thousands of years now.

Upon his return, he was greeted by Chaos, father of K2323, seemingly the new leader of the Anrufe. He held his son's Genesis Staff which he gave as an offering to Koty, partially responsible in the re-animation of Koty. Koty then told Chaos that he should leave as he took the Outerverse for himself, flooding it with lava..

Second Sage War Edit

Sometime in the ten years between taking over the Outerverse and the Second Sage War, Koty left the Outerverse which slowly went back to its normal climate due to ancient spells on the Outerverse. It is probable that he resided within his own soul in Nox for the ten years. He also is responsible for the birth of what is today known as Top Hat Man.

Upon her return to the Outerverse, Hikaru sent out a message calling anyone with magic towards her location. Koty, who had been watching her fight with K2323 moments before her signal, was among the first to arrive. His power was limited and he was obviously aging. Koty helped lead the plans for the Second Sage War as people arrived in the Outerverse.

Koty also fought in the Second Sage War. He mostly helped direct plans due to the AM Fields around the planet. Most of his actual work during the war was through Top Hat Man. For the most part, Koty had very low activity beyond planning in the war, though his strategies were flawless with the information given at the time of forming.

Plex Tournament Edit

Koty expressed interest in the Plex Tournament after discovering of its planning. As he expressed to Hikaru upon bringing her to Nox, Lucifer would not be able to pull any tricks in the tournament due to the fact that Koty could easily launch a rebellion in hell. The tournament, he assured, would be a normal one despite any plans Lucifer could have. He proceeded to train along with Hikaru.