The Pax Rapist (A.K.A. That Creepy Man Who Just Moved In Next Door or The Hot '16 Year Old' Guy Who Wants To Be Your Online Boyfriend) is a rapist perfectly good citizen of Pax. He was the first character of Pax introduced in the roleplay. He seems to have a bit of a gay personality, and wants to rape anything that moves wouldn't hurt a fly.

Main TargetsEdit

Among the Pax Rapist's list of those he likes to rape, men are high on the list, indicating he is primarily gay (though he is bi-sexual.) in many situations.

  1. Men
  2. Pansies
  3. Ducks

Truth Behind The RapistEdit

In reality, the Pax Rapist is a running gag on the site after his introduction as the first Pax character. He fought (and attempted to rape) a character on Pax. In the fight, he informed his opponent that he had been in Pax's jail before, and it was discovered that he enjoys anal sex more than other forms of sex. The character was introduced once more in another joke topic when the Starclanners tried to invade Heaven.