Negion is a kind of magic that was primarily used by the Legacy Empire in 2054. It has several different casting types and is said to be a magic formidable against both Genesis Magic and Revelation Magic.

Casting TypesEdit

This type of Negion has limited offensive capabilities and is more about healing spells, defense, curing illness and promoting wellness throughout people and it is currently wielded by Avidan. It is more of a benevolent type of magic.


This is used primarily for offense and rarely for defense and has no healing abilities whatsoever.  In addition people who use this tend to be corrupted by their powers and go into a primal state of Ultimate Evil where they lose all control. These tend to lose control of their abilities more often. Currently none wield this technique of Negion, though it will soon change to where others wield it.


This is the Balance to both types of Negion and as such has the powers of both. Wielders of this are no longer able to lose control of their Negion through no fault of their own, unless they make a conscious decision to relinquish control of their negion. This has balanced attack and defense types of magic in it. Both Avidan and any other users of Negion would have access to this technique.


This is a state in which Negion users surrender to their darker impulses becoming bloodthirsty machines of destruction basically until the thing that has made them surrender is an oozing heap of carcass on the floor. During this attack they can't use any healing Negion whatsoever or healing magic.Their strength is enhanced 10 fold during this time.It only lasts for 5 min (4 posts) In addition, this completely depletes all their energy.They can no longer access mixed Negion either. Only Dark Negion is accessible in this form. However if exposed to any positive emotion they will quickly revert back to the normal form.

Innate Abilities :

Innate Abilities of Negion Users
Quick Wound Repair - Even though they are able to simply ignore pain and suffering from their own bodies, their magic makes them rapidly heal from any physical damage. However this is useless on Mental Damage. It takes longer depending on the severity of the wound.

Fist Techniques :
Red - Rage.  This is the embodiment of anger and requires that the user of this technique surrender completely to his anger allowing it total control of himself. When this fist technique is used, the fists of the wielder can be seen glowing a bloody shade of crimson. No white or any other color is found on his fists at this time. Anyone hit by someone using this will become angry as well, not to mention start bleeding to death slowly from the lips,  and from the privates.

Blue - Healing Calm  This requires calm and peace and tranquility. Whoever has this can project a soothing calm onto whoever is around them. In addition they can stop those affected by the Red of Rage from losing all of their blood. Another benefit is that it gives the feeling you are being gently massaged by air when this occurs.

Yellow - Electricity
Ever been hit by a Tazer? Well if you have, you will view this fist as something you probably wish to avoid. It requires focusing specific emotions of Jealousy and Hatred down into your fist and turning them into electrical impulses which you will to surround your fist and then you strike your blow. Not only is your rival paralyzed for an hour, but they will be shocking for days if they step on any metal or carpet.

Black - Death
This is the eerie coldness of death.  One must devote himself to bringing death, pain and sorrow to others in order for this technique to work.  It doesn’t kill the user but leaves him in a coma for a week after use which is why it is rarely used by Avidan or Gallaghar or those who serve them.  It takes 5 posts to charge up in battle but once charged it can kill on contact.  Bottom line : Avoid fighting black glowing fists at all cost.

Other Innate Abilities :
Weapon Creation
When they have their hands on any piece of metal or wood or crystal or bone they can transform said piece into a weapon of a varying variety depending for starters on how much of the substance is there. Large amounts could become long swords or other items such as axes, crossbows..etc.

Negion Copy
They can copy their negion into others temporarily, but it is only at half the strength of a regular Negion user and can't be used against the one who originally gave it for 3 days time. The Negion then soldifies in the user it was given to, making it unable to be taken out of them even if their soul is removed.

Negion users have been known to fight a lot and so they gained the ability to make replicas or clones of themselves to take damage for them when really the clones are empty shells unless the Negion Users will otherwise.
Silver - Purification
For those of you too reliant on malice, hatred, anger, spite and vengeance there is a cure. The silver glow of the fist technique was recently discovered by Avidan when he attempted to heal one of the White Mages who had betrayed the order before Laura had massacred them. His fist glowed silver and suddenly the mage became pure of heart once more. This is a heart purification technique.

Gold :  Lighten AuraThis enables a person to lighten the Aura of another person effectively making all the person’s pain and anger and hatred fade out of existence for the time being but it is more intimate than the fist techniques and very few have achieved mastery of this. Some Negion users have been known to use this technique and Laura is among one of those who has mastered said technique.  The only other user of the fist techniques currently is Avidan.

Other Things

Linkage Ritual This allows two Negion users to link themselves together and their abilities together forming a completely new type of Negion known as Silver Negion. This tremendously boosts the power of any Negion based battle tactic used by either one of the linked and in addition grants them the ability to know where they are at any moment in time. In addition if the other one is in pain of any sort due to magic, the one not in pain will be forced to teleport.

Silver Negion This was the Negion of the original users and is far more powerful than what you will see in use today though some say that one soon will discover how to command the power of the Final Stage of Negion and surpass even Avidan or Laura or Valor with his capabilities. This requires a calm and tranquil state of mind. In addition it requires a lot of concentration in order to achieve this state. Negion when used in this state is IMMUNE to energy manipulation.

Eternality Due to the lack of trainers, the Original users made a side affect of Negion to where the person would live until they die and not be affected by old age, disease or ailments of the body.