A relatively young empire newly introduced into the galactic scene, Lorei is a race of tall, winged bipedal people with a penchant for the arts, which shows in nearly everything they do. While they are not particularly powerful technologically, with exception of their AAM(Anti-Anti-magic) and magic amplification technology, they have progressed extremely quickly magically.

Magic Edit

    While most magic users utilize their skills through spells, Lorei magicians manipulate energy directly, without the need of 'fancy hand movements and gibberish words.' This enables them to use average level effects much quicker and easier, and lower level effects nearly instantly, but higher level effects require a good deal more time to use, because the energies for the spell need to be manually gathered and manipulated, rather than using the gestures and incantations of standard spells to do that step for the mage. These effects also give the Loreian mage another ability: they can make new spells up on the fly by combining individual effects, combining sometimes seemingly impossible combinations. For example, mixing the elemental energies of fire and ice to create 'blue flame,' a specialized fire that freezes, rather than burns, yet still spreads like fire.

Culture Edit

Loreians are big fans of the Arts: art, music, drama, and literature. It is very rare not to see a Loreian with some sort of portable music player or book. Local musicians play everything from easy listening to some of the heaviest of metal. This love for the arts carries over into almost every facet of Loreian life, from architecture to celebrations and even their fighting styles. Magic is also a large part of their everyday lives, so much so that many can not imagine life without it. Vehicles are controlled via Loreian magic, locks are often comprised of magical wards and barriers tuned to certain people, and it is used extensively in schools.