The K Empire was an empire which existed for over a thousand years. The K Empire was established at the start of the Opposing Kingdoms. Midway through Season 3 of Galactic Empires, it was anexed into Xanacoria. References to the old empire still exist within the New Xanacorian Empire, though those people and the ones on Japan are the only known remnants today to the K Empire. The K Empire officially was anexed to Xanacoria in 2043, ending the empire.



The K Empire population was primarily sage. There were also many humans who were capable of magic within Japan. In-breeding beyond the two people formed sages unique to Japan, crosses between sages and humans, making the Japanese sages different then all other sages. There were many other races such as humans without the ability to use magic.

Mortals / SagesEdit

The first people of the K Empire were from Japan of the planet Earth. After K2323 used his Land Moving Spell to move part of Japan to a Pocket Dimension, the people bowed to his power and listened to his every command, making him emperor. As the people of Japan at the time were not yet advanced, they regarded K2323 as a very powerful being. K2323 taught the people to unlock the magic inside them, proving that even those not born capable could learn magic. Many of the Japense were hand-picked to train in K2323's army.

After sages began to arrive in Japan from other dimensions, many mated with the Japanese mortals forming the Japanese Sages -- children of magic-capable (and mortal) humans and sages. Most of the modern day remnants of the K Empire are Japanese Sages.


The K Empire had a complex military structure which changed throughout its history. The military at first used primarily magic, though in its last few decades adapted technology slightly. Its adaption of technology allowed it to blend magic and technology perfectly. Because of such, it has been regarded today as one of the best militaries of all time. Many empires look up to it as an example of what amount of blending is needed between magic and technology. ===Formation Of K2323's Army=== Over a thousand years ago, political tension was high between the rivaling K2323 and Hikaru with threats of war looming. Hikaru had already built up an impressive army, which prompted K2323 to order the formation of an army himself, with mass advertising going out throughout the entire K Empire (making primary use of K Empire Newspaper Services) about joining the army. K2323 began to hand-pick the best to train personally in magic. Those who he trained would go on to be major leaders in the K Empire military. Notable examples were Xanacore and Mia, who would go on to be K2323's top generals.

Original RanksEdit


Emperor / Chief Of Affairs (K2323) - Civilian leader and ultimate chief of any and all military manners.

Supreme Generals (Mia, Xanacore) - Chief Of Affair's advisors. Those of this rank lead the military, make top command decisions, and occasionally lead the front lines on the battle field.

Generals - There originally were only about twenty generals in the K Empire. The generals lead the front lines on the battle and make most decisions durring war, with only the bigger decisions being made by the Supreme Generals.







Revision In Military StructureEdit

Quite a few revisions occurred