Kaleb James "K2323" Tyris I is a character in the Shatteredverse continuity and is one of the original characters from the Opposing Kingdoms roleplay. He was first introduced at the start of the roleplay as the dictator of Japae, only thirteen years of age, in war with Hikaru. As the roleplay progressed and the backstory of the characters were mapped, it was revealed K2323 was the brother of Kai, and later also discovered that the two twins were the brothers of Hikaru. K2323 is the son of Chaos and Gloria Tyris as well as the grandson of Anarchy on his father's side and Mokai on his mother's. He is currently in the care of the Independent Confederation of Narrikians where he is recovering following his battle in the Black Genesis Dragon Tomb.

Recent Events Edit

P3C & Tower 8 Edit

Kaleb attended the Post-Plexan Peace Conference in December 2054 with his wife and two sons, on behalf of the New K Empire. When Kurai attacked False Heaven during the conference, Kaleb and his family assisted in the evacuation effort by teleporting refugees to Zaned. After helping his family and many others escape the station, he engaged in battle against Kurai's Beast alongside Jay Stryder, Inari, and Nek Atlas. During the battle, he began having visions that his sister was with him in the station.

Kaleb encountered Future Chaos in the dying space station, who gave him grave advice about a coming war that would enrapture entire dimensions, further instructing him to travel to Tower 8 for more information. Kaleb escaped False Heaven via his link to the Outerverse before travelling to Inarin. On Inarin, Kaleb was brought to the Citadel, where Jay was recovering from the battle on False Heaven. Fearing the dark warning he had received earlier, Kaleb organized a group to travel with him to Tower 8 to seek answers. Jay was among the first to volunteer.

Kaleb led the group to Tower 8 where they encountered Future Chaos once more. An army loyal to Galaxy Zero stormed the tower shortly after Kaleb's group arrived, forcing Future Chaos to retreat, but not before transporting Kaleb and Jay to a future possible version of the rebuilt Old Genesis Kingdom. There, Kaleb encountered a future possible version of Mokai, his grandfather. In this future, the War of the Families had already wiped out many of the dimensions. Future Mokai explained some vague things about the war and who was behind it, informing Kaleb that he needed to return to his own timeline and help the present Mokai resurrect the Genesis Kingdom using Genesis Revival Technique, as well as giving Kaleb information about the Anrufe members he needed to take out to prevent the War of the Families from ever happening.

Kaleb returned to his own timeline and sought out the present version of his grandfather, helping him build the New Genesis Kingdom over the next eight years. Kaleb brought Chal, his student, with him to the New Genesis Kingdom and proceeded to spend the next eight years training for a mission: Return home. Destroy the Anrufe. Prevent total war.

Season 5 Edit

In 2062, Kaleb and Chal returned to the Mortal Dimension, travelling to Capital City, Tefillin after the Anrufe's attempted assassination of Regis Hermitage. Kaleb questioned Regis about information he may have had on Anarchy's successor, the Zarethian government's involvement with Plex, and the Anrufe.

Family Tree Edit

?-?     Phoenix King - ?

|           |

Mokai - Phoenix King's daughter


Daughter - Chaos

|                       |       |

K2 - K2's Wife  Kai  Hikaru

|                       |      |
Kaleb              Ryuu Hikari

The family tree of this family is very complex, and there are a lot of unanswered questions about much of it. Mokai, who was actually born in the 2020's, was sent back in time where he and the Phoenix King's daughter got married and had a child. That child married Chaos who gave birth to the Sage Three, who each gave birth to their own children (with Hikaru cloning herself and naming the clone her child). The last name of the Sage Three has always been unknown and debated, though the name Tyris is especially popular as a last name among the family as it is commonly the last name Hikaru is called by. Thus, the last name of Chaos is probably Tyris.