History Of The Staff as an External Medium Edit

It is probable that the Genesis King is the only one in the Genesis Kingdom who used the staff as a medium. It is not uncommon that the Genesis King would use his staff in battle. While the staff did not need the staff to use his magic, it probably is responsible for some of his strength being as great as it was.

In a similar way to how the Genesis King used a Pocket Dimension Shadow Prison on Zere, it is likely that the part of the Genesis King's soul was sealed into what would become K2323 and Kais' Genesis Staffs upon the King's death. The mechanism of such is best described by the Genesis King's writings from his book, "The Technique Of Attached Power In An External Medium."

"When dealing with the occupation of applied efficiency of magic, it is both possible and probable that the best technique that has ever been conceived, now and perhaps for all of eternity, is one involving sealed magic being leaked in certain quantities. Imagine a flowing stream of water which meets a blockage made of the finest brick, with a single gap in it the size of a mere Galat coin. The water which flows through the gap at one time is not near as much as the water that would be flowing past the given point without the blockage.
As such, we can use this basis to give form to a new technique, if one fellow, perhaps I, go far enough to produce it. Imagine a locking mechanism, if you will. This mechanism would essentially require a condition in order to 'open' the above mentioned gap. Of course, this situation is applied when we discuss the relation between an External Medium and the body. The body, perhaps, would need to have a soul of a certain nature in order to access content contained within the medium, or to send content through it. Without the condition that needs to be met, the external medium would be simply a physical object of no value in magic."
- The Genesis King

The staff would later be used as an External Medium by both K2323 and Kai.