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2007 - Present

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Opposing Kingdoms



Fantasy / Scifi

Galactic Empires is a sequel roleplay to the Opposing Kingdoms. It was created by Opposing Kingdoms member Logan "blackcat124gt" who served as the primary admin of the board for two years, hosting it at the time on Clicdev. The site put a more Sci-Fi spin on the plot, where as Opposing Kingdoms had focused majorly on fantasy. The game revolves around several empires in a time fifty four years from our own, all of which have colonized space, and their wars and battles.

Premise Edit

The original premise of the game revolved around an Alliance of empires, including Earth, and conflicts that ensue between the alliance and foes as well as inter-alliance fighting. Logan, a fan of the scifi genre, included elements of media such as Stargate and Starwars in the game as well.

Plot Edit

The plot is divided into "seasons", taking on the persona as a show, each season having smaller events inside it, serving as the equivalent to episodes. Each season changes the plot majorly.

Season One introduces the game, taking place ten years after the end of Opposing Kingdoms in which Kai, K2323, Hikaru, and Emily have left the dimension. The majority of the Sage population has been silenced and forgotten without the three primary dictators, and humans have mastered space travel and formed several empires. These empires form a coalition known as The Alliance, formed originally to defeat the Anrufe, a threat which has seemingly, like the sages, been forgotten over the last few years.

Season One, and thus the entire roleplay, can first be traced to starting with a meeting of leaders regarding a religious cult which has threatened the dimension's balance. The alliance is having major trouble regarding this enemy. A plan seems to be in the works, when the meeting, taking place at Border Line, is interupted by a sage, K2323 (K2), who has returned to The Mortal Dimension.

Following K2's return, troubles with the religious cult are magnified by the awakening of the Anrufe and the return of the sages. The first season explores themes such as Science and Faith, Good and Evil, and Dictatorship.

Season Two explores a number of topics, such as inter-alliance fighting, the Starclan's foe Bane, mysterious newcomers to the Starclan, the K Empire leaving the alliance, and a being known as "Him". Themes include Religious Persecution, Betrayal, Freedom, Power, and the concept conceived by member Hikaru that "evil isn't bad, simply misunderstood".

Season Three brings about a new Twilight Empire, the return of Xanacore of the Opposing Kingdoms, the New Anrufe Empire and Faith, Reloria, the Twilight Dusk War, Gaserlake discovering his people, and the Nyx War. It includes themes such as Ownership Of Land, Manipulation, Blame, and Greed.

Season 4 focuses on The Second Sage War and the Plex Tournament. It explores themes of Nature and Manipulation.

Staff/Member Conflicts Edit

There have been two particuarly obvious conflicts which effected the entire board, one between the members and the staff, and the second particuarly between the staff itself. Both conflicts have led ultimately to the board going down from anywhere to a few weeks to six months and reviving later.

The first conflict took place in the summer of 2008. Since the board's start, some members of the Opposing Kingdoms roleplay disapproved of Galactic Empires, due to the fact that it was not official and it brought so many plot changes. In summer 2008, certain induviduals somehow gained control from one or more staff members of Galactic Empires to the administration control panel, where it was brought down.

Originally, the group which brought the board down planned to revive the Galactic Empires as a more structured RP, after the first two seasons on the board lacked some structure. However; the group later decided to not make any changes and leave the board taken down.

The board regrew at a new location, and the memberbase from the last board was emailed. The board now had better hosting on a server owned by Comex. The new board had better security functions which would prevent a disaster such as the one which occured on the clicdev board from reoccuring.

In late 2008, the administrator K2323 and the member Orpheus remarked that Blackcat124gt was abusing power. The conflict rose to a level where K2323 decided to quit and join Cosmic Empires. He recieved a message from XANACore (Admin) on Cosmic Empires informing him that he was leading a formal investigation into blackcat124gt's power abuse. In December 2008, the board was taken down. For a month, the staff worked on reform and debated the issues, until finally the board died.

A month later, staff members agreed on their differences and came up with a system to prevent such another large-scale fight. The staff then began to rebuild. Comex was unable to host Galactic Empires, so the staff began to rebuild with permission of member Hikaru on a board hosted on her server. The board was open for a month at which time it decided to move after receiving hosting from a relative of a staff member.