Faith was the leader of a faction of the New Anrufe Empire. She was one of the persona which makes up Zirridian. She is also the sister-in-law of K2323, who she blames for her sister's death. As such, she is also to aunt of Kaleb. Ultimately, she is revealed to be a very manipulative character, and is a minor antagonist throughout the roleplay.

Captor Of XANACore Edit

Faith arrived in the Galactic Empires at the start of Season 3 of the events, inside The K Archives. She there encountered K2323 and Xanacore. Upon seeing XANACore, she re-enacted a curse long dormant inside him, giving Faith influence over XANACore's body. Thus, from the start, Faith had heavy influence within the kingdoms, especially within the K Empire.

Anrufe Edit

Faith was later a leader of a faction of the Anrufe as an organization. This gave her particular power as the one who brought the organization back. She called upon XANACore to lead the second faction. Faith, in conclusion, was a very powerful leader -- and a very corrupt one who had no mercy to give upon those who crossed her.