A demon is refers to the upper class of Hell. Demons are those who serve Lucifer and tend to be mutated. On the other hand, some demons look very much like humans. They tend to be malicious and should not be trusted under any circumstances. At the moment, demons are not heavily avalible in the roleplay to be characters due to their nature, such as immortality.

Demon ArmiesEdit

Quite a number of demon armies have been present throughout the roleplay. Hell often makes alliances with others as the result of Lucifer's deals if they think they can gain something out of it. As such, demon armies tend to be obviously-indestructable if the enemy simply tries to kill the demons. The only way to truly defeat a demon army is to slow them down by destroying their hellgates or to keep them as prisnors of war.

A few notable demon armies are:

  1. The demon armies who helped fight along the Anrufe in war with the Alliance.
  2. A few demons who helped fight in the Nyx War.
  3. A demon army which served in the Second Sage War.

Notable DemonsEdit


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