The Anrufe have existed both as an extensive terrorist group and as an empire in Galactic Empires. In both situations, the Anrufe was self-sufficient and had primary malicious goals. The Anrufe have constantly been a threat to all within the empires. It is, as of the year 2054, experienced a change in leadership and has a new mission. Where-as in the past the Anrufe existed for various goals such as hunting down K2323 and Kai, taking over planets, and causing general chaos, it now exists primarily to take souls and duplicate their powers.

Structure Of The Anrufe Group Edit

The Anrufe began as a group of top-level sages, all of which who were common enemies to the three main dictators of the Kingdoms in the Opposing Kingdoms. Over time, the group's structure changed and advanced. The group uses magic to achieve their goals. They are primarily malicious.

Level 1 Edit

Level 1 of the Anrufe consists of one member as of the end of season three. The members of Level 1 are considered the leaders of the Anrufe. Not only are they the most powerful of the Anrufe, but they represent the Anrufe as a whole.

Level 1 Members:


Level 2 Edit

Level 2 originally consisted strictly of the founding member of the Anrufe. As of 2054, though, it simply is composed of some of the strongest of the Anrufe.

Level 2 Members:


The Genesis Demons

Blue Zero


Level 2 also consists of Zere who is currently considered M.I.A.

Level 3Edit

Red Zero, Green Zero (deceased), Midnight Mistress, Jikore

The Anrufe In The Opposing KingdomsEdit

During the First Sage War between the K Empire and Atlantis, the Anrufe was formed. Long now had threats arisen in the kingdoms. They were always squashed. It wasn't until The First Sage War that a threat too great arose. A battle was taking place between K2323 and Logan. K2323 had adopted Blue Zero's attack seen in the Excel Tournament. He was producing an artificial dimension, or a Pocket Dimension as it was called, unknown to him. The fighting was strong. Both Anti-Logan and a Genesis Demon were released. K2323 and Logan stopped fighting each other to fight their demon counterparts. Finally, the two signed a peace treaty as the demons escaped. K2323 and Logan set off to stop these demons. The demons would go on to rise armies of demons in Aulstralia. And in the wake of the chaos, also arose the members of the Anrufe.. They would form an alliance and be the only of the demon army to survive the demon battles of the First Sage War.

Life Pre-Galactic Edit

The Anrufe made quite a lot of noise before Galactic Empires began, commonly disrupting parties and political events in the Kingdoms. They launched quite a few private crusades on empires as well. Still, they were not heavily focused on as a threat until the decade after K2323 left to find Kai. Before that decade, however, the Anrufe achieved publicity by assisting the Twilight King in the Awakening Of The Twilight King.

In the decade before Galactic Empires season 1, the Anrufe and Alliance got in a war of sorts. The conflict rose to the point that the Alliance launched an attempted invasion of the Anrufe base. After heavy losses, the attack failed and the Anrufe base moved suddenly.. The Anrufe was not heard of again until KiaB reawakened in Galactic Empires.

Galactic Empires: 2042 Edit

In Galactic Empires, the Anrufe reappear and begin a number of cruel acts on the empires. They kidnap K2323, launch attacks to gain land forcefully, and preform forbidden spells. They also clash with the Ori. It isn't until season two that the Anrufe receives specific attention in the Galactic Empires.

In season two, the Anrufe begin a wide-spread operation of sorts, conquering land. In a year, they are able to conquer more land than any other known empire in the Kingdoms. Each empire is gained by forceful takeovers. The Anrufe's general style of attack is sending a single Aralang operative to each land to take said land, each operative showing enormous skill.

Seeing their crusades, there was one group that knew something needed to be done. Deciding they were the only ones strong enough to defeat the Anrufe, this group, Zharael, began the attacks. Or rather - counter-attacks. They'd find out where an Anrufe operative was going to attack and show up to stop the attack.

In one such battle, the Anrufe operative Green Zero was killed by Koty. In another battle, a planet was destroyed. This is only some evidence that Zharael was the only one who stood a match for the Anrufe..

Finally, some time after the Zharael crusades, the Anrufe left. Nobody knew where they went to. They just left, leaving all their land unowned.. But where had they gone?

2043 Edit

In the start of the year 2043, Faith arrived with the goal of seeking revenge on K2323, her brother-in-law, who she believed killed her sister. In the empires, she was contacted by KiaB, long believed to be dead, who gave her a mission. Bring back the Anrufe.. After giving her specific directions on how to do this, he again vanished.

Faith did bring back the Anrufe. The New Anrufe Empire. The structure of this empire did not completely federalize the Anrufe, but still had the Anrufe as factions with a common alignment. Each faction had a leader. The leaders shared everything. It was an empire of military strength.

Eventually, Xanacore gained control of a second faction. However; before the Anrufe could advance more, Faith was captured by The Forgotten Empire and her 'evil' was taken from her personality. Xanacore took complete control of the Anrufe and merged it with the K Empire, giving birth to Xanacoria..

Eventually, Faith regained her memories of darkness and brought back her own faction of the Anrufe. Not soon after, though, she merged the Anrufe into the Nyx Federation, subsequently merging her personality as part of Zirridian..

And that was that. The Anrufe was seemingly gone forever, now only part of Nyx.. Until the end of 2043. The Anrufe - The group. It had long been lost. But what brought about its return? Koty.

Koty and the Anrufe suddenly arrived in the empires.

Koty returned at the end of Season 3 to the empires. His return came about as something that apparently had been taking place for many years, even though it had only been about one since his departure of the empires, as his form was a rock one which had seemingly been phasing into the dimension for thousands of years now.

Upon his return, he was greeted by Chaos, father of K2323, seemingly the new leader of the Anrufe. He held his son's Genesis Staff which he gave as an offering to Koty, partially responsible in the re-animation of Koty. Koty then told Chaos that he should leave as he took the Outerverse for himself, flooding it with lava.. The Anrufe, at that time, would proceed to watch as the Nyx War occurred. A beat up KiaB would come to the Anrufe as only a spirit and be placed in a sort of container while the rest of the Anrufe entered a ten year hibernation.